Integrated Bio and Chemo-Catalysis

State-of-the-art technologies for converting biomass into high value fuels and chemicals are based on multi-step catalytic transformation steps. Here, an alternative technology based on integrating bio and chemo-catalytic reactions is developed, to carry out biomass transformation in fewer steps.

Electrodes for Solid oxide fuel Cells

Mechanistic elucidations of the rate-limiting processes in a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) are leading the rational design of the electrode materials for a high performance SOFC. In a geometrically well-defined combined experimental and theoretical study, REC group has demonstrated cation segregation responsible for limiting the SOFC performance.

Natural Gas to Aromatics

REC Group is probing the evolution of active sites in catalyst materials to convert natural gas into aromatics, without using oxygen, with an aim to design thoughtful experimental protocols, showing superior catalytic activity and stability.

Machine Learning & Catalyst DESIGN

In an effort to design catalyst materials, REC group has adopted a bottom-up approach, wherein quantum mechanical ab initio density functional theory (DFT) simulations combined with microkinetic modelling and machine learning (ML) approaches are providing a mechanistic rational, leading to catalyst discovery for industrial applications.


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