REC opens the door to your brain,

It will teach you to put in sincere efforts in order to gain !

It will light your path with wisdom and knowledge,

which you feel blessed to acknowledge !

Smiles of REC members will light your day,

and will guide you in times of dismay !

REC teaches you to grow, flourish and shine,

but always hold a heart which is truly divine !

You will learn to paint your mind,

Your thoughts will begin to grind !

The uneven texture of life will smoothen out,

I can state this without a doubt !

I have a special pride to be a REC member,

For it tells me the legacy I will always behold !

(Prof. Madhulika Gupta)

Welcome to the PhD Program

An Informal Guide for PhD Students

Prepared by M. Ali Haider

Research Associates

Dr. Ashu

(PhD, IIT Kanpur)

Dr. Gourav

(PhD, IIT Delhi)

PhD Scholars

Fundamental and Applied Heterogeneous Catalysis

Haseena K V

(Integrated Bio and Chemo-Catalysis)

Chaitra Shenoy

(Water Purification)

Jayendran S. Iyer

(Single Atom Catalysis)

Mohd. Ussama

(Self Assembly)


(Methane to Aromatics)

Amrish Kumar

(Machine Learning)

Vinod Kumar

(Syngas to Chemicals)

Saleem Farooqui


Praveen Kumar

(High Entropy Alloys)

Varun Singh Poonia


Deepak Khurana

(Ammonia Oxidation)

Electrocatalysis (Battery and Fuel Cells)

Jyotsana Kala

(Layered Perovskites)

Vicky Dhongde

(Electrodes for SOFCs)

Subhrajyoti Ghosh

(SOFC Materials)

Priyanka Gupta

(Battery Materials)

Deepak Seth

(Battery Materials)

Binapani Behera


Biorenewable Technologies

Ashutosh Negi

(Biorenewable Acoustic Materials)


(Food Waste to Value-Added Chemicals)

Gulshitaab Alam

(Biorenewable Insect Repellants for Textiles)

Aadarsh Madhu

(Platform Chemicals from Microbial Fermentation)

MTech and MSR

Sarthak Roy


Methane Activation

(CO2 Reduction)


Dr. Imteyaz Alam

(Politecnico di Milano)

Dr. Tuhin S. Khan

(IIP Dehradun)

Prof. Shelaka Gupta

(IIT Hyderabad)

Dr. Uzma Anjum


Prof. Ejaz Ahmed

(IIT Dhanbad)

Prof. Fatima Jalid

(NIT Srinagar)

Prof. Neetu Kumari

(MNIT Jaipur)

Prof. Madhulika Gupta

(IIT Dhanbad)

Dr. Gourav

(Drexel University)

Dr. Sonit Balyan

(West Virginia Univ.)

Dr. Ruchi Jain


Sourabh Mishra


Prasad Bandodkar

(PhD Student, TAMU)

Keka Mandal

(PhD Student @ UVA)

Sarwar Husain

(PhD student @ Yale)

Shubham Singh


Rehan Khatri


Trishya Garodia


Shivam Saxena

(American Express)

Parth Dayama


Harilal Krishna

(UC Berkeley)

Rishabh Arora


Kirti Verma


Mohit Anand

(Penn State U.)

Aman Agrawal

(Vantage Research)

Dr. Sachin Sharma

(PhD, IIP Dehradun)

Dr. Preeti Jain

(University of Kansas)