Basics of Process Engineering

Course Taught @ IIT Delhi Abu Dhabhi Campus for M.Tech. Students of 

Energy Transition and Sustainability

Instructor: M. Ali Haider

Contact: haider[at], Year 2024


Quizes : 10 %

Presentation/Assignment: 20 %

Mid Term: 30 %

End Term: 40 %

Text Books

Fleder, R.M. (2014). Elementary Principles Of Chemical Processes. 3rd Edition. S.L.: John Wiley.


Toghraei, M. (2021). A Practical Approach to Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers. Elsevier.

Course Structure

Laws of Thermodynamics

Equations of State

Chemical Thermodynamics

Mass transfer

Staged Operations and Rate-based Separations

Chemical Reactors and Catalysis

Process Synthesis and Integration

Learning Outcomes

Concepts of Unit Operations

Analysing of Kinetics and Transport 

Design of Eq. Staged Operations

Design of Rate-based Operations

Process Flow Sheeting

Operation of Reactors

Energy Transition 

Simulation Porjects

Chemical Reaction Engineering

Course Taught @ IIT Delhi Campus for M. Tech. and Ph.D. Students of Chemical Engineering

Instructor: M. Ali Haider, Year 2024



Quiz 1: 10 %

Quiz 2: 10 %

Minor: 30 %

Major: 50 %

Text Books

Chemical Reaction Engineering, Octave Levenspiel


Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, H. Scott Fogler


Fundamentals of Chemical Reaction Engineering, Mark E. Davis and Robert J. Davis


Concepts of Modern Catalysis and Kinetics, I. Chorkendorff, J. W. Niemantsverdriet